The ingredients sector is a large part of the overall food industry. If you think about how many ingredients are in each product you consume, the list is most likely to be extremely long. Products that are sold in the UK on a daily basis contain a wide range of ingredients that are grown or manufactured both inside and outside of the UK; therefore, the industry relies heavily on imports to fulfil the deficit of ingredients that simply are not available in the UK.

The ingredients sector is segmented into areas such as flavours, stabilisers, emulsifiers etc. With the standards ever improving and the trends of health and wellbeing driving the market there is a need to ensure that any ingredients supplied into products meet or exceed animal welfare, high technical specifications, traceability, and many more UK food industry standards.

As a sector it is key to ensure they are at the forefront of trends and can predict what the consumers will look for next. That is both internationally, in Europe and the UK. With more and more ingredients being supplied from the international market they are required to ensure their standards conform to which ever country they are supplying into.

The need for transparency and traceability are high up on the agenda for a lot of food manufacturing businesses and this extends to all aspects of the products they produce. You will regularly find the market leaders sourcing new and innovative ingredients to excel their products past their competitors.

Kudos Blends won the Food Manufacturers ingredients manufacturing award in 2022. They supply ingredients to many different baking businesses.

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