FMCG (fast Moving Consumer Goods) Household / Healthcare

FMCG (fast Moving Consumer Goods) Household / Healthcare


FMCG or Fast-moving consumer goods household sector is also known as CPG or Consumer Packaged Goods.

These are the products that we as people require every day. There are both durable and non-durable products within this sector. They include things such as soap, cosmetics, detergents, glassware, batteries, and plastic or paper goods. Personal care and household are the leading sectors within the FMCG industry, according to retaildrive, with the highest revenue.

There are many FMCG businesses that are well-known to consumers; Reckitt, Proctor & Gamble, and the Unilever Group to name but a few. Reckitt produce many products both branded and own label but some of the more recognisable products are Veet, Durex, Dettol, and Airwick. Unilever also produces branded and own label products with Magnum, Dove, Lipton, and Vaseline being some of their key brands.

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